About Body Dysmorphia Treatment

If you have found your way here you may already have lots of knowledge about body image concerns. By now you may also have a diagnosis and have been in therapy. Body image concerns hurt beyond words and the individual experiencing this is regrettably, frequently misunderstood.

We hope that our blog will bring hope and open up some new ideas for you and if you like what you read, you may be interested in the unique therapy we offer. We are a family who has been through this particular situation and who have trained as counsellors and psychotherapists so that we can help others who are stuck as we were for so long.

Body dysmorphia nearly killed our son. It nearly broke our marriage. Incorrecly treated it cost a small fortune in private therapy and it cost the NHS another small fortune in state funded therapy.

It took us years to find appropriate therapy, there were many failed attempts, at first because we didn’t understand the nature of the unfolding problem. Later we struggled to find someone who understood body image disorders in way that made sense to us and that was sensitive, non-judgemental, warm and compassionate.

It started out as a subtle set of symptoms which escalated from moderate anxiety, through compulsive skin picking, which is an inhered strategy for coping with anxiety in our family and is often found in several generations. The problem developed, (not least because we didnt understand how to help), into a catastrophic and life threatening situation which impacted our whole family in ways in which only if you have lived it can you possibly begin to imagine.

Because we have lived it and survived (sometimes only just) we believe that we understand the personal experience, for example the roots of compulsive skin picking, the dynamics of compulsive reassurance seeking and so much more.

We feel that some of the expectations of conventional therapy, where the therapist herself likely has no personal experience of living with a compulsion are unworkable. We feel that it’s time to banish shame, blame and anything that undermines the process of healing by simply demanding that one stops the behaviours. If only it were that easy!

For us there were all kinds of issues which complicated matters, every family has them and often they are blind spots that may take years to discover and come to terms with. But when you do, things can change dramatically. Yes there really is hope.

We will be saying so much more over the days and weeks to come, including going back to tell our story.

Alongside this we’ll offer some helpful ideas (we hope they’llĀ be helpful to you too).

We warmly invite you to join us…


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