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If you have body dysmorphia or you have a loved one who is suffering with body image concerns and you’re at a loss about what to do. Perhaps you have explored therapy and paid a lot of money for this already, or you have exhausted what’s on offer from the NHS.

We offer a unique, intensive consultative service helping you to understand the situation more holistically and clearly, supporting you, or you and your loved one through this most challenging of times.

You’ll have the support of therapists who understand, because they have personal experience of anxiety and dysmorphia and of what it’s like to care for someone who is deeply troubled in this way. We know how much this impacts you, we’ve walked this path.

We promise to be compassionate, patient, kind and caring and to share with you every bit of what we’ve learned from our experience and from extensive personal therapy and many years of therapy training.

We help you to see the big picture without blame and shame so that your whole family will have an opportunity to regain or find a new kind of wellness.

We are based in Essex UK, however we are able to work in creative ways to overcome the issue of distance. We know that face to face work is best, but that this isn’t always possible. We are happy to travel (where practical) to you and we work by telephone and skype. It’s our aim to support you as best we can and to collaborate with what is best and possible.