Why are you offering this?
For us this is much more than a job, we know that anxiety and dysmorphia are terribly debilitating. We believe that intensive, informed and compassionate help is the best way to overcome these difficulties.

Who are you?
Both of us are therapists and where we feel it is appropriate we invite other people to support this healing process, so for example it may be possible to work alongside occupational therapists, body work therapists and other such professionals.

What do you charge for this?
We have a sliding scale of charges for our work.

Our initial 30 minute phone consultation is free.

A single two hour consultation session (with two therapists) is £160 plus any travel expenses incurred by us.

One to one therapy £60 an hour (sometimes sessions are better if extended to 1.5 -2 hours and these are charged on a pro-rata rate).

Thereafter we discuss with you in detail our fees, because what we offer will be a bespoke service it isn’t possible to give more information here. Typically however the following is guideline:

Family consultations (a series of meetings) which are usually with two therapists and which include our unique systems.

Intensive work with high frequency contact is such a bespoke and variable matter that we discuss this in person. You will understand that this kind of therapy offers something quite unique.
We take into account your situation but we ask you to be mindful that the time we’ll give to you is our main source of income.

Is this confidential?
Yes, your details will not be disclosed to a third party. We understand that when someone in the family has serious psychological difficulties that initially there can be a lot of shame involved and a strong desire to protect the individual so that the matter doesn’t impact their future.

What area do you cover?
We work mostly in Essex and London, however we also work further afield and with Skype sessions.

How quickly can we get started?
We can usually offer you a consultation session within a few days, starting a more intensive program will depend on our commitments and yours.

What if my loved one doesn’t want to be involved?
Ideally the person who is suffering most within the family will be involved, however we understand that sometimes the time isn’t right for them. Changes can happen when the family are given support and offered some insights into how they can help. In this case a different kind of contract will be made between us.

What are your qualifications?
Our main qualifications for offering you this service are our lived experience, however we are qualified to degree level. Our multi disciplinary team consist of psychotherapists, counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and coaches. Principally however you’ll be have direct contact with us.

Anyone working with us will have been through an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
If you have other questions please feel free to email or phone us.