How we can help

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How we can help….

The first step is to contact us for a telephone or skype consultation, there’s no charge for this. We’ll schedule a time and spend about half an hour where you can explain what’s happening. Following this, should you wish to proceed, we will offer you one of three options:

A single consultation lasting around two hours where you will be able to discuss the situation in a confidential setting and where we will help you all we can to find a way ahead, to wellness. For this we’d like to meet you in person.

A more extensive and bespoke consultation service where we’ll help you look at the options available to you and hopefully we’ll be able to meet with the person who is in distress, we understand though that in some cases this isn’t possible. During this consultation we’ll pass on as much information and where appropriate, advice as seems relevant. We’ll schedule these consultations to suit you, so for example they may be weekly, monthly or even on consecutive days. We know that getting out to see a therapist can be an insurmountable challenge for someone who is in the darkest of times and for this reason, where possible we will come to your home at least as part of this option. It is essential that your loved one consents to our involvement and to our visit to your home. * As part of this option we’ll give you access to our personalised programme that will be created specifically for your family (or for you) and you’ll be able to keep this and work through it in your own time. This option will end with an evaluation session.

An intensive and unique programme where you can access daily support (up to five days a week over a period of three or more months) and where we’ll aim to support you to move some mountains! Please note that at the time of initial assessment in some cases where we really don’t feel we can help, we’ll advise you to seek help elsewhere.

* We are however able to offer carer support as a separate service in which case consent is not necessary